Posting Requirements

Section 1

The California Whistleblower Act requires every state agency to annually distribute to its employees information explaining the Act. An email is sent annually to all UCI employees . Department managers should ensure that employees who do not have access to email are provided with a hard copy of the email.

All UCI departments should print and prominently display the posters "Whistleblower Poster” and "California State Auditor (CSA) Poster". The posters provide information about what can be reported, how to report, and protection from retaliation.

Please note that under the Act, reports of improper governmental activities may be made orally or in writing. Improper governmental activities include unlawful acts such as corruption, bribery, theft, or misuse of University property, fraudulent claims, fraud, coercion, willful omission to perform duty; or economic waste; or gross misconduct, gross incompetence or gross inefficiency; or any condition that may significantly threaten the health or safety of employees or the public.

Administrative officials and supervisors must respond to such reports in accordance with University policy. More information concerning administrative officials and supervisors responsibilities can be found in the Responsibilities Guide.

More information about the whistleblower process can be found on the UC Whistleblower website and UC Irvine Whistleblower website.